Monday, September 30, 2013

BATTLEFIELD 4: It's less than 1 day away!

I can't wait. That's really the only thing I can say. After having so much fun with BF3, 4 is just going to be the best thing ever. All it is is bigger and better, they didn't gimp anything. I know it's only the beta, but I'm downloading it and playing it as soon as I can tomorrow. I'm actually waking up early, that's how much I care. It's just....uhhhhhhhhh.

I'm personally most excited for the amount of new weapons, vehicles, and customization options. I just...can't wait.

Here's to the BF4 beta, and all it entails.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IvI^IvI MINECRAFT: A Survival Adventure has Started!

I did actually end up doing it. I started a survival world just for this blog, I’m only going to play on it as often as I post. A post is generally going to encompass 30-40ish minutes of my time in the world, I guess. I’ll add a title tag in front of each post so you guys can recognize what posts to look out for if you just want to hear about my progress in the survival world.

IvI^IvI is the tag I’ve decided on. Deal with it. (It looks cool, right?)

I started up the world and this is what I saw after punching the first tree:

That pig didn't make it.

I then walked ~200 meters to the leftish of what you can see. I stumbled upon one of those swamp house things and decided to make it my own, complete with a lame little reed farm so I can get to #enchanting as soon as possible. (That’s another thing, I do random hashtags often. You’ll get used to it.)

I seriously don't know why this house was here. Mine now!

Across from my “home,” there was a ravine.

I didn't fall. Yet.

I started mining in the caves on the side because I knew going down would end badly (read: death). But I go through a cave only to be faced with this:

He caused me great pain, both in the game and in real life. Don't ask how.

This uppity skeleton forced me to back up and run away, and effectively asserted his dominance over me because there was no way for me to retaliate. Also, I may or may not have shrieked like a little girl when the first arrow hit.

I also effectively finished the house (for now):

Lookin' bad. Or good. Remember kids, architecture is subjective!

That’s it as of now; I’m not sure what I should do next. I’ll find out later! (And you. Whoops. Forgot about the audience).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BATTLEFIELD 3/4: Raising dat SPM

Before I begin, let me say that this is mostly knowledge I’ve gained from around the 650 hours I’ve spent in BF3 and I’m simply stating it in the context of that; most of this is for BF4 and can be directly applied there. There’s really no point in me making a guide for a game that’s 2 years old and due to be phased out by BF4 and next gen consoles.

Therefore, the only noticeable difference that I’m drawing right now is the fact that the defib paddles have a set number of charges in BF4, as opposed to the infinite charges in BF3. This shouldn’t make too much of an impact on the guide, however.

That being said, I’m not a very good battlefield player. Why do I lead at least ~75% of the lobbies I get into? That makes no sense, right?

I was this guy.

Right! But how can you bag a high SPM while not being too good at the killing aspect? I have around a 1.5 K/D all-time, and for most of you, that’d be considered decent. My all-time SMP is 522. That’s decent too. There are 2 tricks to leading lobbies. One lies in the directional pad (3 and 4 keys on PC). The other lies in having…friends! I’m sorry if you don’t have any.

Each class, as you know, has equipment specific to itself. Medic has medic bags/defibs, engineer has rocket launchers and repair tools, support has ammo and C4, and recon has a spawn beacon and motion sensors. The use of every single one of these items results in score; using them more often will give you more score. I use them all the time!

You can be one of these people! (No you can't!)

Get into the habit of constantly placing ammo/health packs when you have them. If I see a teammate on 95% health or a teammate that’s on a bipod, that may start taking fire within the next 10 seconds, I give them a medkit. I revive absolutely ANYONE who I can reach. However, I don’t revive people who got downed by a machine gun/sniper if said mg/sniper is still aiming at them. Nothing is more frustrating than getting revived only to be cut down by the same guy who downed you in the first place. On big vehicle maps where a lot of people gravitate towards the other classes, medics are especially important for tight team play. One medic can bring back/ keep alive 2 or 3 engineers. 2 engineers and a medic can have an easy time with a tank. It’s harder for 2 engineers to take on a tank when their health can’t regenerate and they stay down when they die! Medics can get points very quickly, use this class to your advantage.

If I see a teammate, PERIOD, I will give them an ammo bag. Those 10 points per resupplied magazine/rocket/grenade add up fast, especially if you have better teammates that are living longer and using more ammo. Don’t be the guy that never throws down ammo. I can’t even count how many streaks I’ve been on where I die due to lack of ammo. Speaking of that…

If someone has a health/ammo icon above their head, and you’re a medic/support, satisfy their needs. Points for you and they get to stay alive. This is ESPECIALLY true if they request it from you. If there’s a guy screaming “MEDIC” or “I NEED AMMO” in front of you, take a hint. Seriously. It’s part of the job you signed up for when you picked your class.

Don't be this guy. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I WILL FIND YOU.

Engineers destroy and repair vehicles. So destroy/repair vehicles to keep your points coming in.

Recons work a little differently. They get motion sensors and laser designators. Putting a motion sensor down in a populated area helps your team immensely and gives you assist points. Laser designators (SOFLAMs) require you to place it, find a hiding spot, and operate it, so try and find a good vantage point and make sure you have engineers/vehicles that can take advantage of your laser marks.

Here’s the second part: have friends. “But Grant,” you say, “I’m the most popular guy at my high school and I suck at Battlefield!” Well, aside from the fact that you being extremely popular probably cuts down on you video game knowledge/general IQ (go play soccer, we don’t want you in our entertainment), those weren’t the kinds of friends I was talking about. I’m talking squadmates. Most preferably, these guys will have been real life friends first; a first name basis makes everything easier, and you already know each other. I play with real friends as my mates, and they make everything better. Randoms are perfectly fine too if all of your friends play CoD/don’t play video games/don’t exist, but don’t stick with the first people you stumble across. And don’t forget, mics are a must for team play!

That being said: stick together and revive/give ammo to/etc. each other. Why? MORE POINTS! You get bonus points for actions completed in a squad. This is key to keeping your SPM up and those ribbons flowing.

These things. Don't forget.

So, tl;dr anyone? Basically, stick together in a squad and constantly use your class’ directional pad functions. Do this and your SPM will rise; it may take time, but you’ll be a better Battlefielder. I guarantee it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MINECRAFT: Creative Mode, Let's Go

I told you guys I'd post some Minecraft screens. I kinda have an obsession with building houses in creative mode, and I have 1 world for all of them. I have 2 so far. Enjoy the pictures and constructive (pun totally intended) criticism is welcome!

Sandy Shores Villa


Left side

Right side


Villa Oasis

Back (or front, you choose)

Entrance (front)

Entrance level

Bottom floor

View from the entrance floor

BLACK OPS 2: Conservative v. Liberal, but not Like That

(Sorry for the lame charts and any messed up text, I copy and pasted this from word and blogger had some difficulties)

When you’re playing CoD, you’re putting yourself on the political spectrum. Not the one you’re thinking of, however. This isn’t Obama v Romney here. It still can be classified as conservative versus liberal, however, and that’s how I view it. Here’s a handy chart:




Slow (Camping) --------------------------------------------------------------------Fast(Rushing)              

                Now I’m not saying Obama needs to take off stock and lightweight, or that Romney really needs to come out of his favorite head glitch more often, I’m not taking sides in politics at all. DO NOT TAKE IT LIKE I AM. I don’t want a flame war in the comments.
The definition of the words themselves implies either or.  Conservative (both conservative and liberal are not in any sort of political sense from here on) people generally think things through and take it slow, and steady. Liberal people (the definition is weaker for this than conservative) go out, try new things, and apply themselves in new ways, hard and fast, in a sense.
Now, how can we tell a rusher from a camper? Some things are obvious, like the whole “corners” thing. But other things are less so. You can hardly tell whether someone’s using lightweight or ghost (or both) just by looking at them. Each game, you should learn what players are using what and adapt accordingly. You can not only see their names, but also learn by their movements and character models.
Saying “movements” encompasses 2 things. Firstly, it implies the opponents’ movement style. Does he always ads around corners? Does he dropshot or jumpshot frequently? Does he strafe in gunfights, or does he prefer solid cover? All of these factors can be used to recognize someone without even seeing their name. When referring to movement, you also have to watch out for animation differences based on weapon class. You know a guy with an LMG is, in general, going to play more slowly than someone using an SMG. You can also tell what class of weapon someone is holding based on animations, most prominently, sprinting. For example, the LMG animation looks like the guy is moving more slowly, he holds the barrel of the gun up, and swings it back and forth while doing what looks like a jog. The SMGer, on the other hand, sprints hunched over like an actual sprinter, gun down, but ready to be raised easily at a moment’s notice. I’d outline each of them, but they’re hard to describe in writing. If you want to learn them, try going into private match with a friend and watch each class sprint by.

That being said, character models in this game (unlike the original Black Ops) are determined by the class of gun you’re holding. For example, the SEALs shotgunner is a soldier (duh) in a very light vest, a baseball cap with the American flag on it, and he has a headset over the cap. The sniper model, on the other hand, wears a tight-fitting hood with a paintball-esque facemask underneath, his face being completely covered by it. I found a semi-decent picture from the internet to illustrate this (captions in order):

                                  (SMG, Sniper,

                        Shotgunner, AR, and LMG)

All of the teams (with the exception of the Militia, they are nigh impossible to tell apart because the only real difference in each is the color of their vests and whether or not they wear designer jeans or cargo pants) follow this general appearance, with the sniper being hooded/has a face covering, the SMGer looking light, mobile, and cool, the AR user wearing a full helmet/mask, the Shotgunner looking even more mobile than the SMGer, and the LMGer always has a moustache for some strange reason. Do all supportive people have facial hair solely on their upper lip? I can think of like 10 people from history that had a moustache and that weren’t very supportive. 

Now, moving on. How do you put into practice this knowledge of the way people look and move? For example, if XxL3g1TSn1p3ZxX jumpshots regularly, with a sniper, persay, you know it’s going to be him if a guy wearing a hood and a mask jumps around a corner at you. If timmehh and timmehh(1) move, turn, and aim slowly and sporadically, you know they aren’t going to be much trouble. iTryHard, on the other hand, may dropshot every time with an SMG. You can recognize it’s him if you see a guy running hunched over and staying mobile. Lastly, if HankTheTank really likes to take it slow with a target finder MK48, and if you see a guy sprinting towards cover with the LMG animation, get out of his line of sight! Knowing the little signs like this makes the difference between getting a swarm and a terrible score. You probably do it subconsciously to an extent; when you start doing it consciously, you’ll analyze situations more and avoid stupid mistakes that lead to you being a drain on your team.  

Lobbies get easier the longer you and your opponents stay in each lobby, to the point where you could be going negative the first game, and by the 3rd or 4th, (if your opponents remain the same) you could be stomping them. It’s all about recognizing predictability and learning patterns. 

The last step of this analysis goes on placing them (and yourself) on the chart I came up with earlier. Either extreme is no good. Running around like a total herpaderp is not the way to win. But, on the contrary, going 4-1 by sitting in the same corner all game doesn’t do much either. You have to find your own “zen” on the chart. I place myself here:


XxL3g1TSn1p3ZxX might go here:


The timmehhs might go here:


iTryHard would end up here:


And our friend Hank may go here:

Despite what random people on the internet may scream at you, there’s no right or wrong place on the chart. It’s also ok to change it up. When I LMG, I’m near Hank. When I Shotgun, I’m near iTryHard. Find your place and categorize others based on what you can see and tell from their movements, models, and animations. People can also be generally categorized into a specific “playstyle” based on the scale. No individual player is truly unique, but the further you (or your opponent) can distance themselves from one of the set playstyles, the better they do. I think that’s what truly separates the professionals from the average players you run into in public lobbies. 
So, what have we learned? Pay attention to other players’ habits in order to categorize them into different playstyles so that you can combat them effectively. Yay, we’re becoming more educated!

My next post is probably going to entail a lighter subject. I was thinking of starting a new Minecraft world just for the purpose of the blog, I’d update you guys on my progress based on how often I’d play. That’ll be a lot less reading and a lot more pictures and general enjoyment. This was kinda dry and heavy stuff, not gonna lie. But it helps you improve and I find going breaking stuff down and dissecting it to be very enjoyable. Stay tuned, I may be posting as soon as later tonight or as far away as a few weeks from now, it all depends.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So, do you come here often? You'd better start!

Because 1 isn’t enough, and 2 is too low, it’s me…Grant. I’m the man behind this blog, and hopefully you’ll be getting to know me over these next few months and, maybe even into the far future I honestly don’t know where to start for this first post so expect lots of rambling, try to bear with me. I’m going to organize this post into the 5 w’s, I guess. Yeah, I have no other ideas so that’s how it’s going to be.
            WHO: I’m Grant, the lovable rascal. Well, not really, I just saw that episode of Futurama last night and had to quote it. I’m 16, live in the U.S., and really, really, wholly enjoy video games. I like writing too. You can kind of see where this is heading.
            WHAT: Ghoulified Gaming is a blog about video games. Now that you have that figured out, let’s get specific. This blog is going to primarily be tips and tricks to improve your game. I love to play smart, I love the stats behind the game, I love to research everything about a game and get insanely in-depth. You may know the MSMC was overpowered; I can tell you the stats behind it (I can tell you why, effectively). I’m also going to be charting my progress/life in the gaming world, however, much less frequently than the tips and tricks. I may throw in a review or 2 here or there, and I will drop news occasionally, but don’t look to me for that primarily. Go to IGN or something if you want to stay up to date, come to me after to reinforce headlines and break them down.
            WHERE: Uhh, the Internet, I guess? I forgot about this W when I got the idea, but I already had 3 other ones done, so….yeah. Awkward.

WHEN: Starting now and ending sometime in January if this blog is a total bust. If I have upwards of 500 followers, hopefully it won’t be ending anytime in the near future. Maybe even through college if it grows that big. That being said, I’m a natural pessimist. So if you read this blog regularly, please follow it, otherwise, come January, I’m going to stop posting. STONE COLD FACTS. I’m sorry.

WHY: I’m starting this blog, believe it or not, for my English class. I have the privilege or going to a school that is technologically competent, so this is an English assignment, to create and maintain a blog. I chose video games because, to put it frankly, I don’t have much of a life, if any. I could write for hours about them, it’s just….a great opportunity, honestly. That being said, I’m going to update this more often (and with longer posts) than required, most likely. I’m EXTREMELY passionate about what I’m writing about.

Personal Stats:

I guess I have to list some of my stats for me to be credible. These are all I know off the top of my head.

CoD: Black Ops 2: K/D: 1.64, SPM: 400, W/L: 1.5

Battlefield 3: K/D: 1.44, SPM: 519:, W/L: 1.3 (I have over 600 hours in this game and was terrible when I started, I’m pretty competent now.)

Skyrim: Lvl 65 Imperial, Lvl 41 Wood Elf, Lvl 20 High Elf

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas: 3 Lvl 30s, 2 Lvl~20s, 5 or 6 below Lvl 10s
Borderlands 2: Lvl 25 Gunzerker, Lvl 10 Commando. I know, I know, I really need to play this game more.

Random Accomplishments/Facts:

  • I’ve beaten all CoD campaigns on veteran bar World at War. That was way too hard. (Grenades *sigh*)
  • I beat FC3: Blood Dragon in under 24hrs on hard. That includes all collectibles/outposts.
  • I love BF3/BF1943 but I hate Bad Company games. I don’t know why.
  • I can’t stand Oblivion (call me all the names you want).
  • I’m not hardcore enough for Dark Souls. I cried and gave up.
  • I don’t take GTA seriously at all. Holdin’ up Burger Shots all day every day.
  • My favorite gun across all games is whatever iteration of the F2000 that game has. Even MW2.
  • I rank the CoD games as follows: CoD4>Bo1>WaW>Bo2>Mw3>Mw2 (Come at me)
  • Fallout 3 is leaps and bounds better than New Vegas. But both are great.
  • My first major FPS was Conduit for the Wii. My first dual analog FPS was MAG. Shoutout to any STB members still out there!


In Summary:

That’s it for the lists for now. As said above, I’m going to post regularly, actively respond to comments/answer questions, and I’ll play with as many followers as I can. This isn’t going to be a blog; I’m hoping it will turn into a thriving community that can have fun and play together constructively in order to better everyone. That being said, our clan GTs/PSNs are going to be Twerking4[wordhere]. I’m sorry, I had to. As of now, my XBL is gh0ulified 2951. Hit me up.

That was peachy, wasn’t it? Hopefully it’ll turn out something like ^that. As of right now, I’m just starting up. Now, I have 3 words to finish off the introductory post (cookie if you get the reference):