Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BATTLEFIELD 3/4: Raising dat SPM

Before I begin, let me say that this is mostly knowledge I’ve gained from around the 650 hours I’ve spent in BF3 and I’m simply stating it in the context of that; most of this is for BF4 and can be directly applied there. There’s really no point in me making a guide for a game that’s 2 years old and due to be phased out by BF4 and next gen consoles.

Therefore, the only noticeable difference that I’m drawing right now is the fact that the defib paddles have a set number of charges in BF4, as opposed to the infinite charges in BF3. This shouldn’t make too much of an impact on the guide, however.

That being said, I’m not a very good battlefield player. Why do I lead at least ~75% of the lobbies I get into? That makes no sense, right?

I was this guy.

Right! But how can you bag a high SPM while not being too good at the killing aspect? I have around a 1.5 K/D all-time, and for most of you, that’d be considered decent. My all-time SMP is 522. That’s decent too. There are 2 tricks to leading lobbies. One lies in the directional pad (3 and 4 keys on PC). The other lies in having…friends! I’m sorry if you don’t have any.

Each class, as you know, has equipment specific to itself. Medic has medic bags/defibs, engineer has rocket launchers and repair tools, support has ammo and C4, and recon has a spawn beacon and motion sensors. The use of every single one of these items results in score; using them more often will give you more score. I use them all the time!

You can be one of these people! (No you can't!)

Get into the habit of constantly placing ammo/health packs when you have them. If I see a teammate on 95% health or a teammate that’s on a bipod, that may start taking fire within the next 10 seconds, I give them a medkit. I revive absolutely ANYONE who I can reach. However, I don’t revive people who got downed by a machine gun/sniper if said mg/sniper is still aiming at them. Nothing is more frustrating than getting revived only to be cut down by the same guy who downed you in the first place. On big vehicle maps where a lot of people gravitate towards the other classes, medics are especially important for tight team play. One medic can bring back/ keep alive 2 or 3 engineers. 2 engineers and a medic can have an easy time with a tank. It’s harder for 2 engineers to take on a tank when their health can’t regenerate and they stay down when they die! Medics can get points very quickly, use this class to your advantage.

If I see a teammate, PERIOD, I will give them an ammo bag. Those 10 points per resupplied magazine/rocket/grenade add up fast, especially if you have better teammates that are living longer and using more ammo. Don’t be the guy that never throws down ammo. I can’t even count how many streaks I’ve been on where I die due to lack of ammo. Speaking of that…

If someone has a health/ammo icon above their head, and you’re a medic/support, satisfy their needs. Points for you and they get to stay alive. This is ESPECIALLY true if they request it from you. If there’s a guy screaming “MEDIC” or “I NEED AMMO” in front of you, take a hint. Seriously. It’s part of the job you signed up for when you picked your class.

Don't be this guy. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I WILL FIND YOU.

Engineers destroy and repair vehicles. So destroy/repair vehicles to keep your points coming in.

Recons work a little differently. They get motion sensors and laser designators. Putting a motion sensor down in a populated area helps your team immensely and gives you assist points. Laser designators (SOFLAMs) require you to place it, find a hiding spot, and operate it, so try and find a good vantage point and make sure you have engineers/vehicles that can take advantage of your laser marks.

Here’s the second part: have friends. “But Grant,” you say, “I’m the most popular guy at my high school and I suck at Battlefield!” Well, aside from the fact that you being extremely popular probably cuts down on you video game knowledge/general IQ (go play soccer, we don’t want you in our entertainment), those weren’t the kinds of friends I was talking about. I’m talking squadmates. Most preferably, these guys will have been real life friends first; a first name basis makes everything easier, and you already know each other. I play with real friends as my mates, and they make everything better. Randoms are perfectly fine too if all of your friends play CoD/don’t play video games/don’t exist, but don’t stick with the first people you stumble across. And don’t forget, mics are a must for team play!

That being said: stick together and revive/give ammo to/etc. each other. Why? MORE POINTS! You get bonus points for actions completed in a squad. This is key to keeping your SPM up and those ribbons flowing.

These things. Don't forget.

So, tl;dr anyone? Basically, stick together in a squad and constantly use your class’ directional pad functions. Do this and your SPM will rise; it may take time, but you’ll be a better Battlefielder. I guarantee it.

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  1. Interesting read. Most of everything you covered I know, but perhaps I may not be using items enough. Lately games I am in ammo and med packs are tossed everywhere.