Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IvI^IvI MINECRAFT: A Survival Adventure has Started!

I did actually end up doing it. I started a survival world just for this blog, I’m only going to play on it as often as I post. A post is generally going to encompass 30-40ish minutes of my time in the world, I guess. I’ll add a title tag in front of each post so you guys can recognize what posts to look out for if you just want to hear about my progress in the survival world.

IvI^IvI is the tag I’ve decided on. Deal with it. (It looks cool, right?)

I started up the world and this is what I saw after punching the first tree:

That pig didn't make it.

I then walked ~200 meters to the leftish of what you can see. I stumbled upon one of those swamp house things and decided to make it my own, complete with a lame little reed farm so I can get to #enchanting as soon as possible. (That’s another thing, I do random hashtags often. You’ll get used to it.)

I seriously don't know why this house was here. Mine now!

Across from my “home,” there was a ravine.

I didn't fall. Yet.

I started mining in the caves on the side because I knew going down would end badly (read: death). But I go through a cave only to be faced with this:

He caused me great pain, both in the game and in real life. Don't ask how.

This uppity skeleton forced me to back up and run away, and effectively asserted his dominance over me because there was no way for me to retaliate. Also, I may or may not have shrieked like a little girl when the first arrow hit.

I also effectively finished the house (for now):

Lookin' bad. Or good. Remember kids, architecture is subjective!

That’s it as of now; I’m not sure what I should do next. I’ll find out later! (And you. Whoops. Forgot about the audience).

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