Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So, do you come here often? You'd better start!

Because 1 isn’t enough, and 2 is too low, it’s me…Grant. I’m the man behind this blog, and hopefully you’ll be getting to know me over these next few months and, maybe even into the far future I honestly don’t know where to start for this first post so expect lots of rambling, try to bear with me. I’m going to organize this post into the 5 w’s, I guess. Yeah, I have no other ideas so that’s how it’s going to be.
            WHO: I’m Grant, the lovable rascal. Well, not really, I just saw that episode of Futurama last night and had to quote it. I’m 16, live in the U.S., and really, really, wholly enjoy video games. I like writing too. You can kind of see where this is heading.
            WHAT: Ghoulified Gaming is a blog about video games. Now that you have that figured out, let’s get specific. This blog is going to primarily be tips and tricks to improve your game. I love to play smart, I love the stats behind the game, I love to research everything about a game and get insanely in-depth. You may know the MSMC was overpowered; I can tell you the stats behind it (I can tell you why, effectively). I’m also going to be charting my progress/life in the gaming world, however, much less frequently than the tips and tricks. I may throw in a review or 2 here or there, and I will drop news occasionally, but don’t look to me for that primarily. Go to IGN or something if you want to stay up to date, come to me after to reinforce headlines and break them down.
            WHERE: Uhh, the Internet, I guess? I forgot about this W when I got the idea, but I already had 3 other ones done, so….yeah. Awkward.

WHEN: Starting now and ending sometime in January if this blog is a total bust. If I have upwards of 500 followers, hopefully it won’t be ending anytime in the near future. Maybe even through college if it grows that big. That being said, I’m a natural pessimist. So if you read this blog regularly, please follow it, otherwise, come January, I’m going to stop posting. STONE COLD FACTS. I’m sorry.

WHY: I’m starting this blog, believe it or not, for my English class. I have the privilege or going to a school that is technologically competent, so this is an English assignment, to create and maintain a blog. I chose video games because, to put it frankly, I don’t have much of a life, if any. I could write for hours about them, it’s just….a great opportunity, honestly. That being said, I’m going to update this more often (and with longer posts) than required, most likely. I’m EXTREMELY passionate about what I’m writing about.

Personal Stats:

I guess I have to list some of my stats for me to be credible. These are all I know off the top of my head.

CoD: Black Ops 2: K/D: 1.64, SPM: 400, W/L: 1.5

Battlefield 3: K/D: 1.44, SPM: 519:, W/L: 1.3 (I have over 600 hours in this game and was terrible when I started, I’m pretty competent now.)

Skyrim: Lvl 65 Imperial, Lvl 41 Wood Elf, Lvl 20 High Elf

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas: 3 Lvl 30s, 2 Lvl~20s, 5 or 6 below Lvl 10s
Borderlands 2: Lvl 25 Gunzerker, Lvl 10 Commando. I know, I know, I really need to play this game more.

Random Accomplishments/Facts:

  • I’ve beaten all CoD campaigns on veteran bar World at War. That was way too hard. (Grenades *sigh*)
  • I beat FC3: Blood Dragon in under 24hrs on hard. That includes all collectibles/outposts.
  • I love BF3/BF1943 but I hate Bad Company games. I don’t know why.
  • I can’t stand Oblivion (call me all the names you want).
  • I’m not hardcore enough for Dark Souls. I cried and gave up.
  • I don’t take GTA seriously at all. Holdin’ up Burger Shots all day every day.
  • My favorite gun across all games is whatever iteration of the F2000 that game has. Even MW2.
  • I rank the CoD games as follows: CoD4>Bo1>WaW>Bo2>Mw3>Mw2 (Come at me)
  • Fallout 3 is leaps and bounds better than New Vegas. But both are great.
  • My first major FPS was Conduit for the Wii. My first dual analog FPS was MAG. Shoutout to any STB members still out there!


In Summary:

That’s it for the lists for now. As said above, I’m going to post regularly, actively respond to comments/answer questions, and I’ll play with as many followers as I can. This isn’t going to be a blog; I’m hoping it will turn into a thriving community that can have fun and play together constructively in order to better everyone. That being said, our clan GTs/PSNs are going to be Twerking4[wordhere]. I’m sorry, I had to. As of now, my XBL is gh0ulified 2951. Hit me up.

That was peachy, wasn’t it? Hopefully it’ll turn out something like ^that. As of right now, I’m just starting up. Now, I have 3 words to finish off the introductory post (cookie if you get the reference):



  1. Hello Grant, I am sorry to hear that DarkSouls was too difficult for you, however I feel as though your blog will be very entertaining. I suggest you do a continuous, level by level review of the game Earth Defense Force 2017, in addition to the sequel 2025 when that is released. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Ian. And no, I've played EDF2017 and it is NOT review worthy. If you want to submit a review go ahead!

  2. Grant: Super excited to see that you have followers! Your post made me LOL more than once-- you have a strong writer's voice!!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! PS: My house is obsessed with GTA V at the moment. I have to admit, i sort of enjoy driving around and smashing into things. (Don't Judge ;-))