Monday, October 21, 2013

IvI^IvI MINECRAFT: The Adventure Continues! (and stuff happened!)

Well, I ventured back into my world. After getting some bearings, I was able to continue! And I made progress. I think these will work smoother in picture-caption format from now on, so that's what I'm doing because my voice is the law of the land.

Oh, look. I found more clay! Too bad bricks are ugly as @#%@%#.

What I found after pit mining for another few layers. I have an adventure ahead!

Part of that adventure. I though the double waterfall was really cool.

When I came back up, I found my FIRST EVER spider jockey. It wasn't too hard (loljk it almost killed me).

I redid the house, for the most part.

More of the new and improved house.

Oh, look at what I found!

Yes, I did nudge my way past 2 Endermen. And there was a 3rd to the left. And I stopped here out of sheer tired-idity (also a word now).

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