Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Checking In/News/Future Of The Blog/I Like Slashes

I’ve been gone for a whole week and not a single person cares, it’s funny. LAUGH. Why aren’t you laughing?

Oh, wait. You aren't even there.

Anyways, just thought I would check in. I had a busy week, had a few parties/odds and ends to take care of and just wasn’t feeling inspired to write. I’m still kind of in a rut, having been doing nothing but BF4. I’d write a changelist, but I’m way too late to the party. Metaphorical party.

Now, I’m actually getting rid of my 360 and anything associated with it. Well, selling, but getting rid of sounds more dramatic. Anywho, that means the only thing that’s gonna be going down on this site, until I get my very own PS4 late-November to late-Decemberish, is MINECRAFT. That’s right, prepare yourselves for…MINECRAFT MONTH: OR TWO OR MAYBE 3! Even though it’s not a whole month and I’m kinda starting in mid-October and ending whenever.

Don’t worry; I have lots of content to roll out. I started a new version of Techorona City, one of my first ever major projects. I’m going to resurrect and continue the survival world, and I have lots of neat stuff I’m also working on (namely OPERATION: INSANITY). You’ll find out what’s to come as I post it. No spoilers now.

Unfortunately, I’m not Internet famous with mad followers like I was hoping, but I’ve only been doing this for a month, so who knows. If I do become famous (I won’t) then November is going to be the official MINECRAFT MONTH: (witty subtitle here) from now on.

Whatever, I’ll let you resume your lives now. I may post something related to BF4 next, but MINECRAFT MONTH: OR 2 OR MAYBE 3 is coming. Eventually.

And jeez, I’ve been slacking. I need to step it up, my last two posts have been shorter than…I don’t know anything that’s really short that I could make a joke about.

I'll leave you with this picture of Willy Wonka you can caption with your own sarcastic humor!

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